Creativity + Costume Star Power

With Halloween upon us I’d like to share my recent experience from Star Wars™ and the Power of Costume exhibition at the DIA (5/18-9/18.) Seeing actual props, costumes, and drawings from the movie was beyond amazing!

Entrance to exhibition in Detroit Institute of Arts.

Entrance to exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Already in it’s glory and with an highly anticipated crowd, I looked a little further than making sure I took a selfie with R2-D2, or C-3PO.

The part that struck me beyond seeing Darth Vader’s glowing lightsaber, Padmé’s plethora of dreamy outfits, and Han Solo’s pants, was where it all started – the drawing room.
At this point, I stopped and remembered a few things: First creativity/design ideas comes from the simplest things, like a quick pencil drawing, that ratty drawing on napkin or even walking. I have to remind myself this often, since being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is hard and it sometimes kills the design mojo. But the good news is that exhibitions like this ignites my passion of design. stuido 1

In this drawing room “studio” setting, it seems so simple and very nostalgic. Plus featuring the Apple cpu lol – I remember when that came out. This by far had my interest more than Yoda. Isn’t that crazy?
It’s amazing what can be done with so little. You can always count on a trusty pencil and paper to go wild and free with ideas.


Alex Tavoularis, Opening Frame Storyboard
Around 1975, Graphite pencil on paper



The instal sketch (left) for Star Wars opening almost brought me to tears – I’m being literal. I bet the artist never knew it would be THIS big of an iconic household name.
Look at the basic fundamentals of design come into play here – perspective drawing.The sketches of the clothings and figures, are very enjoyable to view too, especially when you can closely see erased lines. But the level of detail screams dedication or perhaps the art director telling the artist to keep going – both I’ve experience professionally lol. [Side bar: I didn’t know real person was inside R2-D2]




Ralph McQuarrie, R2-D2 Concept Art 1975. Red and Graphite pencil on tracing paper

Which brings me to my second thought – details, details, details.  quote-RecoveredThese costumes were the crème de la crème, with extreme detailed and intricate embellishments sewn from sketches. I have to remember to plant many new design seeds over and over that will product more, unique and detailed work. I loved the quote from Costume Designer, Nilo Rodis-Jamero seeing at the exhibition. “The more sketches seen, the quicker we got to where we all wanted to go”.

So here’s to a wonderful exhibition, with an interactive lightsaber display, excellent Chewie and Han wall background and the meditative boxed Yoda with an outstanding production variety. Please enjoy other photos,  but more importantly… May the creativity be with you!

All images, drawings, and costumes belong to Star Wars™

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